Wednesday 17 May 2017


#186 Pyjamathon   Nonshuch Park 5:55:09   29.52 miles

This was a Phoenix running event held away from home at Nonsuch park on the Epsom Downes. It was a pleasure to get away from the Thames Path and it was a beautiful course.

Nonsuch park itself is less than an hour from Basingstoke and I picked up Brenda on the way. We arrived ontime and checked in as Phoenix were already there with their normal excellent volunteers and setup.
With Jackie Hearn the
Fudge Queen

The forecast for the day was mixed and it turned out warm and perfect for running.

It was a special day for me as I was one of 5 that got awarded our certificates and medals for completing 52 marathons in 52 weeks and this presentation was made before the start at the end of the race briefing.

As it was a "Pyjamathon" around 50% of the field were in their Pyjamas and amazingly most kept them on for the whole length of the event was was 6 hrs. It did get quite warm as well.

Brenda and Emma
At 9am we were off with just over 100 starting (and finishing). The course itself was very mixed with some grass sections, forest sections and some compacted concrete and tarmac paths all within the park. The facilities were great with toilets at the start/finish line which we passed every 3.25 miles. There was also a cafe at the castle like main building. As you would expect in these public parks there were lots and lots of dog walkers but I didn't hear of any incidents.
Aid station

I was still nursing my dodgy knee and was quite prepared to stop short if need be. But it held together better than recently as we ticked the laps off. Because I was being so cautious I was a lot slower than normal but just delighted to be running at all. I came through 4 laps and half marathon in 2:25 and was very slow but even paced and running pretty much all of the course which was relatively straightforward.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and the 3.25 miles was just right for getting water and sweeties and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. My knee stayed pretty OK to the end of lap 6 but started to hurt on Lap 7 and I immediately slowed down and walked more. Marathon distance was around 5 hours and I was delighted to get through it at all and went out on a 9th lap. It probably wasnt the wisest and I should have stopped there and then to  protect myeslf but I did it anyway and completed Ultra no 45 in just under the 6 hour timelimit.

I would go back to Nonsuch park in a heartbeat as I loved the course and facilities.

Photos Dee Rand

Stats for the day.

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