Sunday 14 September 2014

EOI 10 in 10 Day 3 Clontarf

Marathon #66 EOI marathon Series 10 in 10 Day 3 Clontarf 4:23:28

Today I was privileged to be part of a unique event where over 20 runners were attempting 10 marathons in 10 days in Dublin as part of the East of Ireland Marathon series.

Today was day 3 and was on the Clontarf course. I knew pretty much everyone in the race as I have run with them for the last couple of years and I was fresh off a great day marshalling at day 2 in Howth the day before.

10 in 10 first prize
It was a hot and humid day and the sand on Dollymount strand was as soft as I have ever seen. There was a stiff enough Easterly sweeping across the course helping somewhat on the return leg but significantly into the face on the outward leg.

There was an early start and today there was an extraordinary amount of people took advantage and were off at 8am (what is up with that?). We would pass each other numerous times on the course and it was a good guide to how you were doing relative to the rest of the field. It was €25 for the race today and included the newly minted EOI medal. Now that is value.

I arrived in time for the main 9am start and as well as the normal banter we got a visit from a passing nun. She was game for a laugh and got her photo taken with the massive overall cup (and the race directors and favorites). After the normal group photos we were off. The field quickly spread out into either small groups or individuals.

I was shadowed by Anthony Sheridan for the first 18 miles. I tried
many times to shake him and thought I had at half way, but he kept coming back. Apart from some soft sand that required careful navigation on the beach it was a pretty uneventful race. The water stops were perfect at the causeway onto Dollymount strand and half way. Ronan and Gary were great as roving marshals on the bikes.

My shadow Anthony
I had a good run for the first quarter turning in 1:01 (into the wind) and came back to half way in 2:01 shadowed all the way by Anthony. There was very little change in race positions throughout this time but there was great fun meeting the early starters coming against us and the leaders (Barry,Brian, Ronaldo and Dipak) showing how to run multiple day events. I have to mention that  Lillian nearly broke my arm with the hardest high five ever just past the wooden bridge. Girl you are strong so go easy on those Yorkies.

Brian and Lucy
I had a slightly slower 3rd quarter (again into the wind) turning at 3:06 but was delighted to see Brian Ankers and his daughter Lucy with their personalised support at the turn around in Kilbarrack. I stopped to take a photo and Anthony slipped away from me. I have to say I struggled from here until the beach and Micheal and Frank both passed me at this section. I was feeling very sorry for myself.

Fortunately Michael had an emergency toilet break before the beach, and I regained the place quickly and picked up the pace for the last 3 miles. I came over the finish in 4:23 and reasonably happy as my times have slipped recently and I felt this was the best I have run since the start of the summer. I need to get back to speed training again soon and loose the 10lbs that have slipped on since June.

 The new medal is class.

 Good luck to 10 in 10ers for the next 7 days and I am in awe.

Photos courtesy of Brian Ankers and Mike Gonda

Garmin stats for the day.

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