Wednesday 2 September 2015


Cakeathon   4:24:12

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Bling for the day

I entered this race as soon as it was announced last September as Ellie (daughter no 1) liked the look of the medal and baking was a hobby. It in fact sold out within days and Saxon Shore decided to put another one on in May which also sold out immediately. Indeed there are 3 more planned already in 2016 and they all sold out immediately as well. A popular concept.

100 marathon shirt
race briefing
It was a six hour timed event in Fowlmead country park near Deal in Kent. I had been there once before for a challenge in dank and muddy conditions but this was the middle of the summer so bound to be better.

Ellie was at the Reading festival since Thursday where she reportedly twisted her ankle but was up at 5am for the 5:20am start towards Deal. The weather was awful with torrential rain hitting us the night before and staying constant. It was a pretty uneventful drive to Deal and we arrived at Fowlmead by 7:30am. It was still lashing down.

Absolutely lashing rain
We went to checkin but had to take shelter from the most enormous rain shower that was epic. Lots of people were coming and dropping off their cakes for the competion (10 prizes) and it was a struggle to keep them dry. But with several Gasebo's it was happening. Today was when I was getting my UK marathon club 100 medal and T-Shirt and to celebrate I had got young Kate in the office to bake a spectacular Minnion cake.

Numbers collected (I had no 100) and Cake deposited and during a break in the rain we had a brief race briefing. There were a couple of 50 marathons being celebrated and then Traviss said a few nice words and presented me with my T-Shirt and medal. Since I had already done my 100 I was able to wear the T-Shirt for the first time.

We were off. There was about 100 in the race. 41 would go onto finish at Marathon distance with about 15 going further. Ellie with her twisted ankle settled at the back and decided to walk on 3.3 mile lap. That was enough to get the medal and goodie bag. When finished she went for a kip in the car and waited for me.

Minion cake (joint best cake)
Cake winner
The first lap was OK but the course was waterlogged and puddles were unavoidable. Knowing this was only going to get worse, I ploughed through them all. I stopped for a toilet break, to have a quick chat to Traviss and a short chat to Ellie on the first lap and came in after 30 minutes. Even though the weather got progressively worse over the next 2 hours I kept at a 29 minute lap time to come through half marathon in 1:59 and was absolutely soaked.

The conditions got worse and worse through the second half. I came through 6 laps in 3:03 but slowed badly in lap 7, and even more so on lap 8 where I was walking the 2 testing hills with Joe Hawkins. He took off with 2 miles to go as he was on a triple and wanted to get in under 12 hours for the 3 marathons. I believe that he did.  I trudged home in 4:24:12 and 9th place of those that stopped at Marathon distance.

Home and dry
I received my massive medal and goodie bag (and Cake goodie bag) and checked how the Minion cake had got on (no Prize :-(). Ellie was fast asleep in the car.  I really enjoyed the day but it was a real pity about the conditions. It had become know as the Swapathon.

We were home in 2 hrs and all cheered up. I heard later in the afternoon the Minion cake actually had been awarded joint first best cake but the trophy had got disconnected. Yay!!!  Kate will be happy.

Ellie was chuffed with the day and I as usual thoroughly enjoyed it.

Polar stats for today