Tuesday 19 December 2017

Usual Suspects

Usual Suspects Samphire Hoe , Kent

33.75 Miles  6:40:42   122 Starters   4th Overall

Start (cold)
I was back today at Samphire Hoe in Kent for the annual Christmas Party that is the Usual Suspects Challenge event. Today was extra special as it was Brenda's 300th Marathon and there was quite an Irish contingent there today.

All about B
Francis, Peter, Maighread and Philip had all traveled over for the event and despite too many Stella on Friday night were all there at the start line by 9am. Sean also made a belated appearance. Conditions were cold but other wise perfect. It was also Lynda Copson's 100 which all made for a colorful affair.

With Philip
What was interesting about today was seeing how people had fared after the 10 in 10 and there was a lot of the 10 in 10 runners there.

Rob was still pounding out 50K's as was Sam. Enda continued where he left off . Andrew, Ian and many more were there amazingly still running.

Injuries were still rife among some however and some were still out of action. Martyn was still walking but supporting and Dawn hobbled around for a lap and spent the day clipping. Somei too was there but was only able to do half marathon due to shin issues.
Maighread was there too

After many awards were given out we were off at 9am. I decided today to put an effort in for the first half marathon and take any pressure off time. I was also testing out my shin injury and based on seeing what Somei had done with her own shin I also taped my own up similar.

Beer time
I didn't go near the aid station for the first 4 laps and came through half marathon in 2:10 (59 min 10K). That was OK. I hadn't killed myself and the shin was OK. It was also great spending some time with Apryl on her 1st year anniversary of her own 100th marathon. There as also a lot of tooing and frooing with the Rose family.

Mean time Brenda and Philip were steadily getting things done with loads of photos and the weather was stunning though cold.

All for her dad
I pulled it back a lot in the second half marathon aiming to get in around 5hrs. I had in my head today I wanted to go out for 2 extra laps. I came in with a very pedestrian 5:05 marathon which meant that I really had to push the 8th lap to make sure I came out for a 9th. Fortunately 45 mins did that and I had 10 minutes to spare. A reasonably  slow last lap had me finish in 6:40.

Classic Lynda photo bomb
Most of the celebrations had been done and dusted by the time I finished but I got some bucks fizz and cake from Lynda and the Irish crowd were all still there. We got some lovely photos with Brenda before they all headed off to  the pub. I left to go home soon after.

Photos: Philip McAvoy, Philip Rand

Stats for today

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