Sunday 28 December 2014

EOI Clontarf

Marathon #77   EOI Clontarf  4:46:00

Main start at 9am
This was a low key end of year marathon that was put on Free Of Charge by the EOI management as a thank you for the very successful year that EOI have had.

It was a very cold start at the wind monument and there seemed to be a very early start for some people but the main field went off at 9am. The wind was from the south and cold and helped somewhat on the way out and into the face on the way back.

Kristy and Me
I started with the main field. Also there today was Brenda doing her 72nd of the year and lots of the old EOI favorites. Gary was RD for the day and even through it was supposed to be a self sufficient run there was 4 aid stations enroute. Also there was Kristy Ryan from Crusaders doing her 18th marathon and 3rd in 3 weeks.

About 30 went off in the main field. I settled in at the back as all the quick runners were started at this time. I ran the first half with Ray and Frank whom I have shared many a race with this year and we were at around an easy 4:30 pace.  The beach was in as good a nick as I have seen it and it was a very pleasant run. We turned at
Kristy at 15 miles
1/4 way in 1:05 and at the turn in 2:12. I dropped a bit off the back mainly I think because I was knackered and slowed throughout the rest of the race which I ran on my own. Meeting the many runners coming against me was great and as usual there was great banter.

3/4 way turn was in 3:25 and I limped home to a very slow 4:46 and I have to say was absolutely freezing.

50m from the finish
The Garmin has seemed to have given up totally and the history refused to transfer to the computer and is lost. So I cant rely on that any more.

Receiving Award from EOI Chief Ger 
One big milestone for today was I have now clocked over 1000 miles racing in 2014.

next and last race for 2014 will be in Belfast on New Years Eve. I also received my 50 marathon trophy from Ger Copeland from EOI marathons. Its now proudly on my mantle piece.

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